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Sunday, June 18, 2017

[RANDOM] Gundam Model Kit Contest PH 2017 Part 2

So I've decided to join this year's GMKC even though painting isn't one of my strongest areas. But what the heck right.

So decided to start with something simple, and easy. And since I had a lot of gold paint left from a previous project, I will be using it as the main color for my entry.

And since my personal preference if to follow the original color schemes, I bought the HG Hyaku Shiki revive as my entry. I also got a HG Petit'gguy as a testing kit.

I was very satisfied with the result of the test with the Petit'gguy that I decided that I'll just submit it as an entry too in the contest. 

The paints I used was Zurc's Venetian Gold and Zurc's Hyper Silver. I just miked them to get the shade I wanted. More Hyper Silver, the shade gets lighter, and vice versa.

Zurc's paints is a series of paints produced locally. Though currently a bit small, they're slowly getting attention from the local gunpla community with their wide range of colors, And they're still working on adding more.

So after I finished working on the HG Petit'gguy. It's now time to start working on the Main entry itself.

I'm really satisfied with the result. Though it's quite hard to get the effect on camera, it has the effect similar to the MG Hyaku Shiki 2.0. 

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get more pics of the kit and even during the submission. I'll try to do a proper photo shoot after the contest..

Since our house is still under renovation, and we're currently living in an apartment, I don't have much space to work on my projects. 

Also it was a bit too late when I decided to join the contest so I didn't have much time to work on the kit and do some proper building techniques. Hopefully I get more time to work on my entry when I decide to join again.

[RANDOM] Gundam Model Kit Contest PH 2017 Part 1

Finally had some free time to do another post here. I've been busy with a lot of stuff recently that this post got so much delay. 

Anyway, It's high time again for Gunpla fans here in the Philippines because it's the GMKC or Gundam Model Kit Contest sponsored by Bankee/Toy Kingdom. Aside from GBWC, GMKC is one of the major Gunpla competitions here. Unlike the GBWC where anything goes. GMKC focuses on OOB + custom painting. Basic building techniques still apply like seam line removal, v-fin sharpening, and pre-painting mods. Aside from those, nothing else can be done or added into the kit. Only what's included in the kit can be used. No scratchbuilding, no kitbashing. The finished kit should appear as what it is in the box, albeit in a different color scheme (if you want).

This year, I tried my luck and entered the contest. But that will have to be for another post. Here I'll just share my experience during the 1st day of the event.

I arrived tat the event past noon a there were a lot of people that day. The venue has three sections. One side would be the display area where contestants will display their entries.

On the other end would be the merchandise area where people can buy Gunpla kits. There were also event "exclusive" kits available for sale.

The middle area was a display area for winning pieces of past champions and some series being promoted. 

I wasn't able to take more pics of the event specially the entries since there were a lot of people that time and I was a bit in a hurry. I will try to visit again, maybe this week to get a better shot of the event.

Monday, May 1, 2017

[WIP] 1/100 Barbatos 6th form WIP 1

I've finally managed to transfer most of my model building stuff into our new place but majority of my tools and all of my kits got put into storage. So I decided why not get a kit and start a new project.

I saw the 1/100 Barbatos 6th form from an online shopping site and though I initially didn't like the mech designs of the IBO series, it just grew on me. And since I was really itching to build some gunpla, I went with it.

I won't be able to do a proper review of this kit since I most likely be modding this as I build.

For starters, let's focus on the head. Of course I wanted to light up the eyes but unfortunately, the eye parts are molded in solid green plastic.

I won't be able to use that eye part since it's unable to pass light through. So I'll just have to make my own clear eye pieces.

I start off by cutting the eye piece in half. I will be needing the top portion since that is where the pegs are to connect the fave to the head.

I then glued the face pegs to the face, making sure the positioning of the part is exactly where it would be if the the eye parts were not cut off. After gluing the pegs, I needed to make the substitute clear eyes. I wanted to do this as quickly and easily as possible so what I came up with was hot glue.

After cutting off the original eye part, there was quite some space left where the original eye pieces sat. so what I did was I filled it up with hot glue, making sure that there would be some glue flowing from the eye sockets. Once the glue has cooled, It's just a matter of cutting/ trimming the glue to the appropriate size so that it would still fit in the head.

Luckily the head part had plenty of space inside that there wasn't much issue planning the wiring.

As shown in the pic, I just placed a 3014 SMD LED right behind the clear eyes. I also drilled a hole behind the head to pass the wire through and hide the wiring.

Once that's done, it's time to test the part. the hot glue did an amazing job spreading the light through the eyes evenly. Though there would seem to be some light bleeding from the edge of the face plate, I believe the armor pieces could hide those light s effectively.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

[WIP] Dragon Momoko MG Strike Freedom MB ver. WIP 4

As far as this project goes, all that's left for this is putting everything together. Plus some minor details.

Continuing working on the main body, I just finished putting together some minor parts like the skirts and some weapons.

Though I've already started working on the backpack way before, I haven't finished it yet because of the problem with the main backpack.

Because of how the backpack is designed, just putting LEDs on the main thrusters will make the LEDs out of place.

To fix this issue, I glued some thrusters into the existing parts to hide and blend the LEDs into the piece. I used some thrusters from some scrap HG kits I have.

I also wanted to light up the wing effect parts for maximum effect.

My first test was to do the same process I did with the MG Star Build Strike Plavsky Wings.

Unfortunately, I didn't like the effect so instead, I just placed several LEDs around the piece.

I made the main ms, backpack and effect parts detachable for easy storage and transportation. That mean some wiring will have to be exposed.

Now that this project's fully finished, all that's left is to do a proper photo shoot of this.

This has to be my best work as of now. I've learned a lot on this project. Not just LED mods but also a lot of painting went into this project. I know I still have a lot to learn and I'll have to work harder on future projects.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

[WIP] MG Star Build Strike X LED WIP 3

I'm already on the final stretch with this project. Since I've already rewired both plavsky wings so that they have the same light intensity, I've also done the same with some parts like the universe booster.

I've also finished wiring the connections at the back. What I did was to separate the connections for the main body, universe booster, and the plavsky wings so that I can still disassemble them for easier storage and transportation.

Now that all mods are done, it's time to put them all together and test them out.


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