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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

[REVIEW] China Airbrush + Compressor Set Review + Mods

So I recently got one of those cheap airbrush compressor sets.

One issue with these kinds of compressors are its relatively short operating time and long breaks due to the motor heating up. Since I haven't got the mood to work on any of my projects at the moment, I decided to mess with the compressor for now.

Since I had some old PC fans lying around, I decided to add one to the compressor. I know this will not solve the heating issue or increase operating time but this may help in cooling the motor faster. I'm not planning on increasing it much anyway since the 10-15 minute operating time is already too much for me.

Before I do any thing with it, I wanted to see 1st the inside so I could plan what I actually wanted to do. Looking inside, it's a bit cramped so there's not much space to put anything else inside.

Once I get the layout of the parts, it's time to make the holes where air will pass through. I decided to add the fan underneath so I drilled holes under the case. 

I felt that the holes are a bit too small so I cut up and filed the holes to make them bigger. I also connected the fan to the supply socket so it can work independently with the compressor. That way, even thought the motor is turned off, the fan still runs cooling the motor. This works best during breaks where I need to cool the motor so I just leave the compressor plugged to a wall socket.

Without trying to complicate this project, I hot glued the fan to the underside of the compressor. The direction of the fan is such that the air blows into the compressor case.

So this is pretty much how it will turn out. It looks that I attached the mini water trap the other way around and I've already fixed that by attaching it underneath the airbrush.

For exhaust, I just drilled a few holes on the top of the case so the air has somewhere to come out.

I also put blobs of hot glue to act as risers and dampeners so the fan can suck air in and also prevent the compressor from vibrating too much.

Also, the set I bought comes with a 2A power adapter. I replaced that with a 3A power adapter. What it does is it drives the motor faster, hence pumping more air and giving more pressure. This may cause the motor to heat up faster but that's what the fan is for anyway.

Test results look good. I wasn't able to do some tests before the mod, but I don't think the added fan has any impact to the pressure or any other aspect. The compressor still isn't very noisy which is a good thing. My existing DIY air compressor still works albeit very loud. so this new air compressor is a really good alternative.

Monday, August 21, 2017

[REVIEW] Dragon Momoko MG Avalanche Exia Unboxing

I've been holding out from buying new kits lately until I finish most of my projects. And It's been really hard since the kits being released recently keeps getting better and better. Bandai or otherwise.

Ever since the Dragon Momoko MG Avalanche Exia was announced I've been keeping an eye on it. I was able to resist the Bandai or the BL Providence, or the DM out frames. 

But I wasn't able to resist this one. Primarily due to the kits potential for LED mods.

So for now, here's an unboxing review of the kit. (WARNING: Photo heavy)

After the MG Strike Freedom and the Destiny. DM went back to their simpler box designs. The box shows the two "versions" of the kit. The one with the "Dash" parts on one front and side, and one without on the opposite sides. 

The manual is thick. There are a few pages showing the kit in various poses or featuring its extra parts. Looking at the manual, it can be observed that this is a new inner frame design. So the armor parts wouldn't normally fit with the existing MG Exias.

There are a lot of runners. Good news is that details are really good. edges are sharp, panel lines are deep enough. Very minimal mold flashes which are very manageable.

Aside from foil stickers. The kit also comes with water slide decals.

The blades come in a metallic silver finish. I'm not sure if it's painted or plated. Kind of what they did with their version of the MG Akatsuki. The finish looks really good. Unfortunately, nub marks will be hard to hide with this kind of finish. Especially the gates here are placed at the edge of the blades.

I tried scraping the finish off one of the metallic runners and it shows the plastic is an opaque plastic. Maybe I'll just repaint the whole piece if I'm unable to find paint that matches that kind of finish.

The kit also comes with "GN Power Lines". This is a thick sheet of clear plastic yet very flexible. I don't expect to encounter any problems attaching these.

It also comes with the metal build - style display stand. Though the markings are different.

The kit also comes with 2 LED units for the GN Drive. It even comes with batteries for the LED. Looking closely, it appears that these LED units are not the same as the Bandai versions as the Bandai versions use 2 pcs, LR44 button batteries but this LED unit uses only one battery. 


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