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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

[WIP] Dragon Momoko MG Strike Freedom MB ver. WIP 4

As far as this project goes, all that's left for this is putting everything together. Plus some minor details.

Continuing working on the main body, I just finished putting together some minor parts like the skirts and some weapons.

Though I've already started working on the backpack way before, I haven't finished it yet because of the problem with the main backpack.

Because of how the backpack is designed, just putting LEDs on the main thrusters will make the LEDs out of place.

To fix this issue, I glued some thrusters into the existing parts to hide and blend the LEDs into the piece. I used some thrusters from some scrap HG kits I have.

I also wanted to light up the wing effect parts for maximum effect.

My first test was to do the same process I did with the MG Star Build Strike Plavsky Wings.

Unfortunately, I didn't like the effect so instead, I just placed several LEDs around the piece.

I made the main ms, backpack and effect parts detachable for easy storage and transportation. That mean some wiring will have to be exposed.

Now that this project's fully finished, all that's left is to do a proper photo shoot of this.

This has to be my best work as of now. I've learned a lot on this project. Not just LED mods but also a lot of painting went into this project. I know I still have a lot to learn and I'll have to work harder on future projects.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

[WIP] MG Star Build Strike X LED WIP 3

I'm already on the final stretch with this project. Since I've already rewired both plavsky wings so that they have the same light intensity, I've also done the same with some parts like the universe booster.

I've also finished wiring the connections at the back. What I did was to separate the connections for the main body, universe booster, and the plavsky wings so that I can still disassemble them for easier storage and transportation.

Now that all mods are done, it's time to put them all together and test them out.

Monday, March 13, 2017

[WIP] Dragon Momoko MG Strike Freedom MB ver. WIP 3

Finally had some time to continue working on this. Much of the work done on this kit recently was just painting the details specially the inner frame and armor color separation. 

Although this is not my first time painting a project. This is my first when it comes to detail masking and painting. Most of the color separation in the armor pieces had to be painted so this serves as a good exercise for my masking skills.

My masking is far from perfect since I still get a few errors but good thing they're easily fixable.

And now that I've got most of the pieces done, I can finally assemble some parts.

I finished painting the legs so I finally got to assemble it. good thing all the different colors' shades match.

One thing to note here during assemble is the hip joints. It's just too tight. Though I've managed to push the joints into the waist section, It's too tight that it's almost stuck and trying to move it might break the hip joint. I won't try removing the joint anymore since I might break it but to re-position the joint, I use long nose pliers to adjust the joint. I guess I'll just put this in a fixed pose and not move it.

I think I've already painting most of the major pieces that I'll be able to partly assemble the whole body of the kit. Whenever I finish/start working on a section of the kit, I always test the wiring to make sure they don't get stuck or broken specially in the joint/articulation areas.

Now the upper body is put together, along with most of the armor pieces. 

I've already finished working on the head previously so it's time to put it in the body. Though I find the light in the forehead a bit too bright so I'll still have to fix that.

I have also previously finished working on the shoulder verniers so now I get to assemble it and wire it up with the other sections.

For the time it took to get this far, I'm very satisfied with what I've got at this point. Going slow and careful really paid off in this project since I haven't get much issues until now and thanks to the time spent planning the process beforehand, I get to have a clear idea of what I need to do next.

As much as I've done now up to this point, I don't see this project being completed anytime soon. Like I've said earlier, I'm taking my time with this and there's still a lot to be done. I'm taking this project slowly but surely to make sure I don't make mistakes and mess this up. Hopefully I get to finish the remaining parts of the body soon.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

[RANDOM] 1st Gunpla Expo Philippines 2017 part 2

February 28, 2017. 4th day of the expo.

I was able to pass by the expo again and this time the place was less crowded, making  taking photos easier. It's also easier to roam around the expo now.

When I got there, the first thing I went for was the display for the local modelers custom works.

These are some of the latest works of the past and current GBWC and GMKC champions on display in the expo. It was really hard to get proper photos of the displays since there was clear glass protecting the display and also because there were still a lot of people checking and taking photos of the display. My photos don't do justice for these works. You have to see them personally to truly appreciate the quality of these works.

Aside from the local modelers works, there were also a lot of kits on display.

There was a Beargguy diorama with a local theme.

There was also a display of the latest Ver.Ka kits.

There were also large scale displays where people could take photos with.

Some displays are series specific ling Gundam Build Fighters, Iron Blooded Orphans, Gundam the Origin, and Gundam Thunderbolt, among others.

There was also a display of one of the latest gunpla scale SDEX models kits.

RG kits also have their own display with awesome animated backgrounds.

For me, one of the highlights of the expo was the display of the upcoming kits to be released like the MG Providence and RG Astray Gold Frame Amatsu Mina.

Another highlight of the expo would be the Expo Limited kits for sale in the event.

Unfortunately, they already ran out of stocks of the expo limited kits during day 1 of the event. and even the sales persons at the event have no idea when they will restock.

The local organizers of the event have this policy that requires you to buy a specific amount of regular kits before you are entitled to buy an expo limited kit. I'm not going to comment regarding that policy since it's their rules. And considering the selection of expo limited kits, I'm not really eyeing any specific kit. I've been holding off from buying any new kit since I still have a lot of unfinished projects and a few backlogs that I need to work on. Though I might get the HG Zaku II Black Tristar Metallic version if ever it becomes available. 

I'll try going back maybe on the last day of the expo to see if anything catches my eye.


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